Updated Jan 16 2014

Marshall County ARA Net

These nets meet each Wednesday Night at 9 PM (2100) Central Time, on the KI4HUS Repeater on an assigned frequency of 145.390 MHz with a 118.8 Hz access tone.

The purpose of these nets is to promote Fellowship, Emergency and Disaster preparedness in Marshall County and the surrounding area.

All licensed amateurs are invited to participate.


The Net Control Operators for recent and future nets:

JAN.   Scot Rob KK4SLM

FEB.    Bill Husfield K9MMW

MAR.  Scot Rob KK4SLM

APR.   George Knecht KI4RZY

MAY.  Mary Husfield KC4TIE

JUN.    Gregg Felts KK4WEW

JUL.    Whipple Walker N4STW

AUG.  David Wells KK4VJC

SEP.    George Rob KK4SLM


We're looking for additional net operators for 2014.  If you are interested please call or email Bill K9MMW.BILL@gmail.com or (270) 354-9966